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What we do

​The Elijah Ministries association has the vision to network and globally organize all Kurdish communities, as well as the evangelization, mission and discipleship work among and for Kurdish-speaking people and for people with a Kurdish background. We want every Kurd who wants to meet and get to know Jesus and become a child of God's family to know that you are not alone but that you already have a big family in Jesus also here on earth. In the “Network” menu item you will also find events, meetings, home groups, communities, social media channels, etc. for Kurdish-speaking Christians and Christians of Kurdish origin in Switzerland and worldwide. You can also purchase literature in Kurdish from us (shop). You can also listen to Kurdish praise, teachings and sermons in Kurdish through our social media channels. ​


As an association, we organize and support various events for Kurdish-speaking Christians, but also all other Christians with a burning heart for Jesus and the Kurdish people.


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