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Unser Team

Here we introduce part of our core team at Elijah Ministries. Because many Christians from the Middle East cannot show their faces openly, we can only give you a small insight here. We would be happy to connect you if you contact us directly.


Memo & Deborah Colak

Im Jahr 2023 haben wir den Verein Elijah Dienst/Ministries gegründet und damit unserer Missionsarbeit im Mittleren und Nahen Osten ein neues offizielles Gesicht gegeben. 

Memo Colak ist bereits seit vielen Jahren unter kurdisch sprechenden Christen tätig. Er hat über die Jahre diverse Hauskreise und Treffen für Kurden schweizweit aufgebaut.

Update folgt...

Großer Baum
Fußspuren auf Sand

Our Association Statutes



Name and Seat


Under the name “Elijah Service / Elijah Ministries” there is an association within the meaning of Art. 60 ff. ZGB with headquarters in Basel. ​




The aim of the association is to bring people closer to the Christian faith, especially to religious minorities from the Near and Middle East. For this purpose, the association should network with Christian communities, organizations and institutions with a vision for people from the Middle East worldwide and the Christian communities in the Middle East. Training resources and training locations for pastors as well as discipleship schools are to be founded and maintained locally in the Near and Middle East.


The association's work is also intended to provide information about the heterogeneity of religious and denominational groups in Switzerland and Europe.

The association will publish publications in print or digital form as well as maintain a YouTube channel, social media pages and a website to promote and disseminate this vision.



In order to pursue the association's purpose, the association has access to the members' contributions (passive and active), which are determined annually by the general meeting (in 2022, 60.00 CHF per membership per 6 months) as well as donations from members or third parties as well as donations of all kinds. ​




Any natural or legal person who has an interest in the purpose of the association and who is convened, appointed and invited by the board through a request and who pays their membership fee can become an active member with voting rights. Any natural or legal person who pays their membership fee can become a passive member without voting rights. Club members periodically receive our newsletter and access to our free web offers/media, as well as discounts on courses and seminars as well as opportunities to present their own projects to the board, which the club can support or implement. Applications for admission should be addressed to the President. Acceptance is decided upon by the board. ​

Termination of membership


Membership expires for natural persons through resignation, exclusion or death.

For legal entities, through withdrawal, exclusion or dissolution.



Exit and exclusion


You can leave the association every 6 months. The letter of resignation must be sent by registered mail to the President at least two weeks before the end of the semi-annual membership payment. A member can be excluded from the association at any time without giving a reason. The board makes the exclusion decision. ​


Organs of the association


The organs of the association are:

a) the general meeting

b) the board of directors

c) the auditors ​



The general assembly


The highest body of the association is the general assembly. A regular general meeting takes place annually at the beginning of March (before the annual Passover). Members are invited to the general meeting in writing in advance, enclosing the agenda.


The General Assembly has the following inalienable tasks:

a) Election or deselection of the president, the board and the auditors

b) Determination and amendment of the statutes

c) Further development and any adjustments to the club vision

d) Acceptance of the annual financial statements and the auditor's report

e) Decision on the annual budget

f) Determination of the membership fee

g) Treatment of member exclusions

At the general meeting, each member has one vote; The resolution is passed by a simple majority. Passive members are invited to the general meeting, but have no voting rights. ​



The board


The board consists of at least three people, namely the president, the treasurer and the actuary. The board represents the association externally and manages day-to-day business.


The auditors


The general meeting elects two auditors every year, who check the accounting and carry out a spot check at least once a year. ​




The association is bound by the collective signature of the president together with another member of the board. ​




Only the association's assets are liable for the association's debts. Personal liability of members is excluded.


Change of statutes


These statutes can be amended if the majority of the members present agree to the proposed amendment. ​


Dissolution of the association


The dissolution of the association can be decided with a simple majority if three quarters of all members take part in the meeting. If less than three quarters of all members attend the meeting, a second meeting must be held within one month. At this meeting, the association can be dissolved with a simple majority even if less than three quarters of the members are present. If the association is dissolved, the association's assets go to an institution that pursues the same or a similar purpose and is ultimately determined by the board.


Come into effect


These statutes were adopted at the founding meeting on July 12, 2022 and came into force on this date.

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